silky, crunch, scrunchy-what?!

Crunchy, Silky, Scrunchy….

I don’t think I can really define myself in one category- and I don’t know why it has become such a big deal recently. I guess if I had to choose one I would be scrunchy. I have gradually become more crunchy over the years- 9 years ago when I had the twins I didn’t even consider breast feeding, they were on formula, gerber baby food, disposable diapers. With Cali-land last year- we made a full year of breast feeding (more on that to come in future blogs), I pureed my own baby food (thank you baby bullet!), coslept, and even purchased some cloth diapers (we never used them though, Cali-land was always so small they never seemed to fit her right- and lets be honest I bought them more because they were cute and cost effective than really I cared about the environmental hazards of disposables- I just liked the idea of them more than the reality). We breast fed because I wanted that bond with her and it was more convenience than anything else!

Mothers today put entirely too much pressure on one another, and are too judgmental of one another. If the baby is fed, happy, and being cared for- why does it matter to you HOW they are being cared for? We, as a community of mothers (let’s be honest! That’s the thing I have most in common with other human beings at this point- the fact that we love these little monsters we created and spend 99.9% of our time keeping them alive!), we need to start supporting and uplifting one another, rather than judging and stereotyping. The truth is- you can look up a single parenting type and have mixed reviews from “experts” on all of it. My mother-in-law fought me tooth-and-nail with the cosleeping and how “dangerous” it was- my answer to her was “I have coslept with four other children and have yet to suffocate one.” Guess what? Cali-land survived her first year cosleeping just fine! We are currently trying to get her in the crib more now (still in our room) with her baby brother on the way, but those awesome morning snuggle moments are still the highlight of my days.

Terms such as crunch, silky, helicopter- these terms didn’t exist in parenting until recent years. Our generation is so intent on defining and creating their own language that these types of words have popped up. So what are they?

Fellow blogger Karlyn Bishop defines them for us:

Crunchy : In layman’s terms, a crunchy mom is a mom who practices natural living. She is an advocate of natural birth, non or selective circumcision, not vaccinating, baby wearing , breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, homeschooling, organic and green living, etc.

Silky: A silky mom bottle feeds part or full-time, uses disposable diapers, pro-circumcision, pro-vaccination, takes all advice from medical professionals, don’t care too much about labels and usually buys products based on convenience. Homeschooling is usually not an option. Silky moms aren’t too bothered about being green or living an organic lifestyle either.

Scrunchy is somewhere in between as defined by Karlyn as: A scrunchy mom wants their child to live in a more natural, organic environment, but can’t quite commit to all the activities and practices involved in being a crunchy mom. So they do some, but not all of it. They are in between crunchy and silky.

Tying this back to yesterday’s blog– how can we expect out children not to be bullies if we are trying to force one another into specific categories, and not just embracing one another as mothers?

Here are my thoughts on this:

FED is best- breast, bottle, organic, pureed at home, jarred- as long as the baby is healthy and happy- who cares HOW the baby is getting the nutrition?

Diapered is best- until potty training – yes disposables are “clogging up the land fill” but ya know what else isn’t good for the environment? That 8 passenger SUV you have to drive to carry all your hippy kids. And Fluff butts (cloth diapered butts) are the cutest thing in the world- so if you can deal with scraping off poop go for it! If you are scrunchie but want the cute fluff look, check out best bottom diapers– they are used with liners that you can get either reusable or disposable.

Cosleeping comes with risks-yes you MAY just roll over on the baby (although I am very conscious of a baby in my bed so I don’t know how anyone does) or also scary- you may have a problem transitioning them out of your bed! Although I don’t know any kids whose parents had to accompany them to college to breastfeed or cosleep so you’re probably ok. Putting the baby down in a crib or bassinet is also ok! As long as the baby is healthy and sleeping, who cares?!

Baby wearing- honestly, I have nothing bad to say about baby wearing! Do it intelligently (ie don’t fry bacon with your newborn strapped to your chest) but man, when you have a cranky baby, having two hands to still be productive while snuggling them close? What’s not to love? I’m trying to convince the hubby daddy’s baby wear too!

I am an avid provaccinator- but that’s another whole blog in itself.


So what do you think? Do you fall into a “mom category”? Do you think these should even be such a thing?


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