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Fake friends- Let’s talk about it

So, I have been away from the blog a little longer than I had intended-but today I am 36 weeks pregnant with Little Mister, and things have been hectic and I have been emotional and busy! A couple weeks ago we planned a barbeque for the Fourth of July- we had ours on Sunday, as hubby and I both had a 4 day weekend that week. We bought enough food for all the friends that we invited- 18 people total plus kids! We were so excited, prepped burgers on Saturday so they had a chance to sit overnight, and everything. Sunday morning, we got a new patio set (something we are hoping to move to the new house- which that process is also currently a disaster) so we had more seating and everything. THEN… NO ONE SHOWED UP. I am not even exaggerating. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law are the only people who came to this barbeque.

Now, not only did that bother me, but one friend in particular I am over their excuses. I have literally not seen these people in months because everything must be on THEIR terms and nothing can be done otherwise. Their (husband and wife team with children) excuse was- well we would have to bring our own food for the boys because they aren’t eating hot dogs or mac and cheese right now. Mind you, we didn’t ask them to bring anything to contribute to the party itself, so the only thing they would have brought is for their own children to eat. Am I the only mother who thinks this should be expected? If I take my children somewhere and I know they won’t eat what is being served, I make other accommodations. This isn’t the hosts’ responsibility, it is mine as a parent.

But wait! It gets better. They never actually tell us they are not coming, just that they will have to see, and then never come. That night though, she posts pictures on Facebook of them out with other friends from out of town- indicating they never really planned to come anyhow- these other friends came from 3 hours away- this was obviously pre-planned. This bothers me for a couple of reasons. One- I am not a jealous friend. If you have plans with someone else, just tell me. I’m not going to be mad, but I also won’t count you when I buy food for my own event! Two, if you come up with an excuse at least pick a not lame one (like your kids won’t eat hot dogs and mac and cheese when I happen to know they love it!). Three, if you’re going to lie, at least don’t tell on yourself. Social media has made it to where we can share every thought we ever have at the exact moment we think it (thank you twitter!), that doesn’t mean we should. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this “friend” has done this.

The icing on the cake? Hubby and I woke up Tuesday morning to a group text of “hey were having an impromptu barbeque today- gonna have burgers and dogs! You should come out” UMMMM WTF?

Also on fake friends and social media- how many of you have those friends on (insert favorite social media outlet here-mine happens to be Facebook) whom you read their posts and think “you do know we know you in real life right?” You know- those perfect people who have the perfect relationship, and the perfect children and just the perfect life? “Oh Bob brought me home flowers for no reason today! He’s really something special and a keeper!” captions a picture of $3 Walmart bouquet- but you think “orrrr he brought them home because you went snooping through his phone over the weekend and found he was texting his ex gf and confronted him about it like you were just texting me about last night.” Or “they are just my pride and joy! Love how close they are!” captions the two ice-cream-covered faces with their arms around each other’s shoulder, the sister with a cute bob cut because the brother actually just cut off her pony tail last week and you had to rush her to the salon. Please people, you’re not fooling anyone.