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My Morning Inner Monologue

Every morning I set 2-3 alarms (come on, I know I’m not alone). The first is to arouse me from my deep sleep, and prepare me to wake up. The second is the one I should get up on (but I usually don’t) and the last one is if you don’t get up now you’re going to be late for work.

So today I had this inner monologue, and I wanted to share because I wonder how many others go through this. It went a little like this:

Last alarm: *****beep beep beep beep****

I will just hit snooze, it snoozes for 8 minutes but I won’t lay here the whole 8 minutes, I’ll only lay here 5, I will just hit snooze in case I do fall back to sleep.

But I really should get up- I still need to shower.

30 minutes is plenty of time to get the kids and I out the door, we all have our stuff laid out, I’ll just lay here my 5 minutes.

But I really should get up.

*****5 minutes later*****

I’ll just go to the snooze.

Its only 3 minutes more- it’s not like that 3 minutes is really going to change much.

I deserve those 3 minutes damn it. I’m laying here.

*****beep beep beep beep****

Crap I really gotta get up, I’m gonna be late and I still need to shower.



Tell me I’m not the only one. I mean- I deserve 3 minutes?!? What exactly is that 3 minutes really worth?! Tired me is sometimes irrational. *sips my iced coffee because I’m still half asleep*


The sad thing is this is most mornings. And this isn’t the only weird monologue that goes through my head during the day. Recently it’s been a lot of “come one water, if you would just break we would be all done with this misery” and “well there’s only 3 Oreos left in the package- you can’t very well leave only 3 Oreos” (There are also a lot of negative monologues about the house, if you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, check it out now to see why!)


Can anyone relate? Comment and share your inner monologue stories! I’d love to hear them! (PS I pulled into work 7 minutes early- so the 3 minutes definitely didn’t hurt anything.)